Value education, vote education

The General Election on 12 December is critical as it will decide the future life chances of our young people.

4.1 million children in the UK are trapped in poverty. That’s the equivalent to 9 children in every class of 30.

The current government scrapped the target to end child poverty by 2020. On their watch there has been a staggering rise in child poverty. Since 2010, nearly half a million more children in working families have been forced below the breadline as a direct result of this government’s policies. 45% of children living in BME families are growing up under the poverty line.

Every day a child spends in poverty is a day they miss out on vital educational opportunities. We need to elect a government that will stem the rising tide of poverty and invest in our children’s future.

If you value education, vote education.

Take action now

"Children have one chance for childhood. This General Election, we have one chance to say enough poverty, enough austerity, enough cuts. One chance for childhood. One chance to vote. Use yours wisely."

-Yvonne Craig, primary school headteacher, Cumbria